Promotional Value of Membership


 Partner Benefits Include:

  • Use of the market-tested label that conveys fresh and delicious foods to consumer.
  • 获取 工具包 of designs for promotional materials.
  • Access to promotional materials for resale such as sturdy cotton grocery bags printed with the Buy Fresh Buy Local label.
  • Partner decal to post on building or vehicle windows.
  • Listed in the annual Local 食物s Guide.
  • Listed on the Pride of the Prairie website 合作伙伴 listing
  • Opportunities to develop marketing collaborations through connection with other partners in the Upper Minnesota River Valley BFBL Chapter.
  • Opportunities to promote appreciation and stewardship of the Upper Minnesota River Valley’s natural resources and recreational experiences.
  • Identification with a popular progressive movement to increase consumption of healthy foods, keep family farms financially viable, and improve local economies.
  • Access to Pride of the Prairie “食物ies listerserv” UMMFOODIES@LISTS.学院.EDU communication among members, sharing of articles, meeting notices, etc.

 Partner Responsibilities:

  • Support local food efforts in the Upper MN River Valley region to achieve the chapter goals.
  • Use sustainable practices that conserve soil, protect water quality and wildlife habitat, are humane to animals and fair to employees, business associates and consumers.
  • Support publicity efforts of the Upper MN River Valley Chapter, 使用样式, 字体, colors and designs as trademarked by 食物 Routes.
  • Display the BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL Upper MN River Valley Partner Circle.
  • Collaborate with partners to develop local foods initiatives in the Upper MN River Valley.
  • Post any events related to BFBL to the Pride of the Prairie “食物ies” listserv.
  • Follow membership criteria when labeling products.