Swift County Environmental Services

Services and Responsibilities:

The Swift County Environmental Services office provides three essential services for Swift County residents: Solid Waste; Planning and Zoning; and Water Planning activities.

The Environmental Office provides solid waste services which include:

  • recycling
  • composting
  • landfilling
  • household and hazardous waste
The Planning and Zoning area duties include:
  • enforcement of the zoning ordinance and issuance of zoning permits
  • feedlot ordinance compliance
  • septic system inspections and permit issuance
  • dealing with the administrative end of conditional use
  • variance and rezoning and amending applications and procedures
  • wind and solar ordinance compliance

Water Planning includes:

  • funding through both State and County monies.
  • dealing with various water and environment related issues and projects.
  • administering the actual Water Plan and are responsible for budget preparation and disbursements.


Swift County Environmental Services has 6 full‑time employees. We also utilize the services of participants of the Swift County Developmental Achievement Center.