Swift 县 律师

Services and Responsibilities:

  • The 县 律师 is elected by the people of Swift 县 for a 4-year term. The primary responsibility for the 县 律师 is to prosecute all major crimes for the 状态 that occur in the 县.
  • This office also prosecutes lesser crimes in the 县 that occur outside of the city limits of cities within the 县. The 县 律师's office also deals with the many civil matters involving the 县, as well as advising 县 officials and Department Heads on legal matters.
  • This office is involved in other matters such as child protection and child welfare cases, civil commitment of persons who are mentally ill or chemically dependent, collection of child support, establishment of child paternity, seeking reimbursement for 县 TANF/MFIP expenses, and prosecution of welfare fraud.
  • 目前, the Swift 县 律师's office is considered to be part-time, thus allowing the 县 律师 to handle private cases as well.
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