Demolition Program

Do you have a dilapidated building and live in Swift County? You’ve come to the right place!

The Swift County Demolition Program provides matching funds to property owners who already have committed municipality funds to utilize towards their demolition project. The Swift County HRA is an advocate for neighborhood initiatives across Swift County. The Swift County Demo Program was established to reenergize county neighborhoods through blight elimination while enhancing the health, safety, and general welfare of the community.


Funding/Property Type: Property owners are required to obtain funds from the township or city for their demolition project. The Swift County Demo Program will match these committed funds. 

Bids: Property owners are expected to obtain 2 competitive bids. Documentation is required if this is not possible.


Must provide the following to the HRA: 

  • Photo of the property/building
  • Copy of cancelled check to contractor 
  • Copy of check from City or Township for matching funds 
  • Copy of most recent real estate tax statement 
  • Copy of bids received 
  • Copy of invoice from contractor